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Are You Still Watching TV on the Tube?

As I stood in my basement the other day, book ended by two no-longer-used tube TVs, I began to wonder if we as a nation (and a world) reached that tipping point, where in-use HDTVs outnumbered still-in-use tube TVs in the home. I know that most tech-savvy folks have already made the switch, but I also realize that geeks are in the minority. Plus, tube TVs can last, like, forever. I’m sure some people will not fully evict tube TVs until the sets are 100% dead.

So, to get a better handle on what’s really happening out there, I created this poll (below). If you have a tube TV (or two like I do), but do not use them, your response is “no.” But if you’re still watching episodes of Castle on it, then your answer must be “yes.” I’ll report back on the results later. 

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    The funny thing is that I have a widescreen HD 1080i CRT tube Television so I fit into both categories.
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